Why the Wichita Metro?

Over half a million lost people. From urban poor to rural farmer. From the suburban singles to the small town families.

500,000… and counting!

Partner With Us

Partner With Us

We want to make partnering with our church plants as great an experience for you as it is for them. Let us connect you to a plant that matches the kind of ministry you are feeling called to.

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Plant With Us

Plant With Us

Ready to explore God’s call on your life? Think it includes planting a church? Let us help you determine the next steps to take on your journey.

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Church Plant Updates

CenterPoint Church

At our Sumer Kids Kamp (VBS) we had 22 first time guests come. We also took our first group of teens to youth camp….

Aviator Church – Wellington

Aviator Church participated in the Kansas Wheat Festival, handing out nearly 10,000 bottles of water and inviting hundreds to church. Aviator Church a…

Audacity Church

July was a busy month for us, We had two mission teams here this month and did lots of smaller activities, as we had two movie nights in Orchard park….

Audacity Church

We have seen some recent growth and more importantly moved in a great direction towards a new space….

Aviator Church – North Wichita

Hosted a mission team at the end of July and held a VBS for the north side. We had as many as 37 kids one morning and families were blessed that week….

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From our Planters

Partnering with them has been critical to the planting of True Life Church. These churches of like faith and mission have partnered with us both financially and strategically to help us reach unchurched families in Southwest Wichita.

Norm Duncan: True Life Church
It has truly been an honor to partner with them for the past several months. It has been great learning how to "do church planting" from guys that have been there. So times as a church planter you feel like you are out there on your own, but they have provided fellowship and mentoring at just the right times.

Eric Goodman: CenterPoint Church
I have tons of friends that plant all over the country and they are all blown away by the support and partnership we have!

Joe Boyd: Aviator Church Derby
They helped me cut through the fog and friction of incorporating West Ridge in ways that saved me a boatload of frustration!

Dave Mitchell: West Ridge Church
They have been a huge blessing from God in partnering to help our church make an impact on our city. They have showed tremendous support through prayer, time, energy, people and resources to help Aviator Church reach our city one life at a time.

Jason Villanueva: Aviator Church North Wichita
Planting with them has been amazing! It's not that we wouldn't of planted a church without them but it wouldn't have been anywhere near the same!

Justin Banks: Audacity Church
Throughout the past 18 months, they have been a blessing in my church-planting endeavor at The Seed Church. Among many other things, I've been blessed by their training, encouragement, financial partnership and friendship. I thank God for them.

Ryan McCoskey: The Seed Church