Audacity Church

AudacityChurch.tvJuly was a busy month for us, We had two mission teams here this month and did lots of smaller activities, as we had two movie nights in Orchard park. We had a preview service in Orchard Park with Summer Bash where we rented out the pool and grilled hamburgers and hotdogs to celebrate with the community and we also had Kids VBS. We have had an awesome month! We have seen 27 people make professions of Faith!

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West Ridge Community Church

West Ridge Community ChurchJay gave his life to Christ a couple of years ago. Since that time he has, to one degree or another, been exploring discipleship and transformation into the image of Christ. One of the most interesting developments in Jay’s life revolves around his relationship with his parents. His parents have been atheists for as long as Jay can remember. I often got the feeling that Jay was a little embarrassed by his new found faith (at least in the presence of his Mom and Dad.) Last Sunday, Jay’s parents showed up at Church unexpectedly! The message was on ‘faith and doubt,’ and they listened attentively. I saw Jay later that afternoon and asked how they like the service. “They loved it” he replied… we were both bewildered. Rejoicing.

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The Seed

the seed

  • We have three people in line to be baptized at our next baptism service. Sweetness and glory to God.
  • Valiant Men Valued Women book is at the printer and being converted to an Ebook on 11 platforms. I started writing it in late January, and it’s finally done! Our church is praying that God uses it to give men and women a deeper understanding of how the Gospel transforms the way we live out our gender, in both singleness & marriage.

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