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Aviator Church LogoThe account below was posted on Facebook after church this past Sunday, July 28.

“Today while in church, I was sitting next to a young couple who during the whole sermon where talking, and not whispering either. Rudely talking. I found myself getting irritated at them. For Pete’s sake the Pastor is giving an awesome sermon and you people are distracting me from listening. Subsequently the sermon was about dealing with just that, getting irritated. I felt like they really needed to hear this sermon, it was not just about dealing with anger, but dealing with where you are in your life, dealing with our choices to pound the pavement, not just take a little of what Christ wants for us, but all of it!! I decided to not glare at them like others in the church were doing but to pray that they hear enough to help and for me to love them, not be mad at them. Towards the end of the sermon, because of my own issues with following Christ, I found my eyes welling up with tears. The Pastor then prays, during this time I bow my head, eyes not closed because I know if I close them I will push the forming tears right on out, and i didn’t wear waterproof mascara, lesson learned. Anyway he asks that if there is anyone out there who wants to walk a closer walk with Christ to raise their hand. Both chatty Cathy and her loud talking husband rose their hands, my eyes closed and the tears fell. Tears of joy for them, and tears of abundant thankfulness for the power of Christ. God is good. — feeling loved”

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